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Video production +
targeted distribution
= successful video
marketing campaign

InBold Media is a full service video marketing agency specializing in high calibre business video and complete digital distribution. We make the videos and then we get them seen by your target market.


Who Is Inbold?

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little “extra”

Find that ‘extra’ at InBOLD Media.  Video marketing is what we do.  We make it our business to provide the highest quality video marketing campaigns to support the promotion of your business.

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Your business
is our business

At InBOLD media we take business very seriously, yours and ours. We think strategically, creatively and intelligently about the best possible solutions for your marketing.  We take great pride in our work and we ensure that our passion for perfection weaves through each of our clients projects.


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More Ideas than Time…
Creative Production

InBold Media has a fantastic team of creative and passionate production crew, creative developers, and an innovative techy’s. Every member of our team strives to build the best video for our clients, with careful consideration for their goals, brand and target market.


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the final frontier

Video marketing is far more than video creation, distribution is absolutely a key component to successful video marketing. We are experts at getting your newly created masterpiece seen by the audience of your choice.  The tools to distribute are constantly changing and we stay ahead of the curve to make sure our clients are getting the best exposure.


Not just a pretty face. Check out our stories!

Waqar Malik
Waqar Malik
President/Executive Producer
Shauna Arnott
Shauna Arnott
Vice President/Business Development
Sam Dass
Sam Dass
Creative Director
Martin Radzikow
Martin Radzikow
Vik Moudgill
Vik Moudgill
Director of Photography
Aaron Dejesus
Aaron Dejesus
Ali Khan
Ali Khan
Distribution Strategist
Aysha Malik
Aysha Malik

Production + Distribution = results

Cross Channel Advertising

  • We plan; buy advertising across screens and formats while accurately measuring reach, frequency and impact in a transparent and effective way.
  • Leading access to premium ad inventory across all formats and devices for true cross-channel advertising delivery.


  • Streamline global, cross-channel advertising from a single platform with holistic planning tools, analytics and insights across television, video, display, mobile, social and other brand advertising initiatives.


  • Successful campaigns require the ability to lean on your tech partners to understand exactly what’s going on under the hood. Our customer service and account management teams are committed to offering the highest level of consultation and support.

Global Reach

  • Global brands often face centralization issues when managing multiple product lines across regional business units.
  • Through our platform, brands can plan, execute and measure campaigns in over 70 countries. InBold offers access to massive localized inventory and the ability to reflect local languages, currencies and products adhering to regional specifications.

Our Clients


ROI/ Results

Video is not a new way to communicate with potential customers, TV commercials have been around for over 50 years, but were typically very expensive and therefore this medium was largely used by huge companies. However, with all the new formats offered online and the reasonable cost video is an absolute necessity for every business.

  1. A Forbes survey revealed that three quarters of senior executives said they viewed work-related videos at least once a week. When presented with the same information via text or video, 60% said that they preferred video over the text-based content.
  2. Intelligent video analytics can provide marketers with a wealth of high-octane information — not just that the user downloaded a video but in-depth information on how they consumed it.
  3. One of the compelling aspects of video analytics is the capability to pump video engagement data into marketing automation and customer relationship management systems.
  4. Detailed analytics such as what segments of a video are getting the most play and where viewers are typically dropping off helps B2B marketers shape future content. This not only dramatically reduces production costs by knowing what content is going to engage before investing in production but also improves overall customer engagement across the entire video experience and the total return on their investment in video.

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